General Description

The longan tree is a tropical tree species native to Southern Asia. The tree produces an edible fruit that is similar to the lychee. [Need to add information about the season for Longans.]

Interesting Facts

Longan trees have been cultivated in China for at least 1,900 years.

In Chinese traditional medicine consuming longans is believed to have an effect on relaxation.

When Can I Eat Them?

Longan fruits grow in drooping clusters at the end of the branches of the tree. The ripe fruit is small and round with a kind of tree bark-like shell. You ‘peel’ a fresh longan by cracking open this shell. The fruit is white to translucent. The seed is generally discarded. The fruit can be eaten raw. It can also be dried and incorporated into a variety of dishes.

Khmer Cuisine

In Khmer culture longans are eaten raw but they can also be turned into jellies and incorporated into soups.

Learn More

Here’s a link to the Wikipedia page on longan trees:

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