General Description

Dill is a plant that has culinary history but also has been used as a magic weapon and a medicine.


Dill is used for digestion problems including loss of appetite, intestinal gas, liver problems, kidney disease, painful or difficult urination. Other uses – fever and cold, cough, hemorrhoids, infections, nerve pain, menstrual cramp and sleep disorder. Dill seed is sometimes applied to the mouth and throat for pain and swelling.

When can I eat it?

Dill’s natural season is spring and early summer, but can be used anytime. The young dill is more aromatic and less bitter.

Nutritional value

High in vit. A and C, also contain manganese, calcium and iron.


As a spice to salads, soups, fried vegetables. The seeds are used in seasoning, as with pickles.

Side effects. Dill is likely safe when consumed as a food. When applied to the skin sometimes can cause skin irritation. Fresh dill juice can cause the skin to become extra sensitive to the sun

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