General descriptions

Latin Name: Annona squamosa

Custard apple, better known as sugar apple or sweetsop, are heart or oval shaped. They can weigh up to 450 grams and have green skin that will turn brown as the fruit ripens. The flesh is custard like and the core does not have any flavor.

The flesh contains hard black, oval seeds that are INEDIBLE and must be separated out.  

They can be grown in any type of soil


The best use for custard apples are for eating raw or cooked in a variety of foods.

Roots can be used as a cork.


Custard apples are good in smoothies and work well as an apple replacement in pies. They can be eaten as sweet or savory. Fruit is used to make jelly. Can be used as an ice cream flavor.

Nutritional value

Custard apples are high in Vitamin C and manganese with many other B vitamins. There are 393 calories in a 100 gram apple with 2 grams of protein and 24 grams of carbohydrates. Nutritional replacement for dairy products.


The seeds can live for 3-4 years, Germinate better a week after removal from the fruit, Germination takes 30 days or faster if soaked for 3 days

Side effects

The seeds contain cyanide and when chewed or digested can be toxic, If you eat many apples, watch for iron or potassium overdose or too much fiber, They may also interact badly with certain medications


They are a well-balanced food with vitamins, minerals, and potassium. Can be used to help pregnant women with nausea, breastfeeding, mood swings, morning sickness, numbness, and can prevent miscarriages. Rich in iron, helps treat anemia.

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