Co-creating with nature

With 3.5 hectares of land, Nakupenda is a very propitious place to grow organic products that we can either sell or consume ourselves. We are taking advantage of the ecosystem that already exists and building our project around it.

We strongly believe in permaculture and chose to adopt this approach in our garden and in our life. Living respectfully with our environment and letting nature do its best work is very important to us.

We are not experts yet, but we learn every day and experiment to improve ourselves.

What is permaculture?

Permaculture is a design system for ecological and sustainable living, integrating plants, animals, buildings, people and communities.

It’s about working with nature rather than against and imitating the wilderness.

Our farm

Nakupenda is not the traditional farm you can picture in your mind. It’s more like a wild garden, with different places and spots to explore.

What’s growing

When you enter the farm and follow the main path, you go past a field of pepper, a typical khmer house, cashew and papaya trees, a small house, a mushroom room, another small house, banana trees, a big pond / swimming pool and finally you arrive at the main house. 

We have a large variety of plants and trees growing on our land, and we want to develop a good knowledge about it so that we can benefit from their properties to improve our permaculture design and create natural products or remedies. Here are the main ones – Click on their names to learn more about them:

« To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow »
– Audrey Hepburn

– Audrey Hepburn